Bonnie is the Vancouver-based owner and creative mind behind MawdsleyLoves. A graduate of UBC's Arts program, Bonnie has almost a decade of experience working in the head office of one of Canada's leading fashion retailer. After the birth of her son, Bonnie noticed a lack of durable, wearable and modern footwear for babies and toddlers. So she took out her sewing machine (her mom always said sewing would come in handy) and transformed her living room  into a makeshift baby shoe factory . Soon, other moms began noticing her son's stylish and practical footwear, so she sewed and sewed until her second baby - MawdsleyLoves - was born. Today her burgeoning business includes bandana bibs, tees and shoes (with much more to come). Bonnie personally oversees the production of every piece, from the fabric to the stitching, to ensure the highest quality and care goes into every order.