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Mawdsley [mods-lee] noun - 

  1. name of Anglo-saxon origin
  2. name of the place where my hubby and I first met
  3. middle name of my first born
Loves [luhvs] verb - 

  1. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection towards a person, place or thing

MawdsleyLoves [mods-lee-luhvs] noun - 

  1. ALL THINGS that my Mawdsley Loves

Hi and thank you SO much for stopping in.  MawdsleyLoves is a brand that was created out of the love for my little one and my search for products that were both fashionable and functional on his everyday adventures!  These products are made by hand with so much love and attention and only get sent out to you if I know that I would let my little one wear them!  Based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada I sincerely hope you like this glimpse into the things that Mawdsley Loves!

Thanks for checking us out and happy shopping!!